Vaping as an alternative to smoking

  • Katie Wolfe
  • February 25, 2019
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Vaping is when the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or vaporizer is inhaled. This vapor is created from e-liquids or a concentrate. The electronic device that is used for vaping is responsible for turning the vaping material into vapor. It consisted of an atomizer, cartridges, a main console and a battery which has to be replaced or recharged. The liquid that is used to vape is called a vape juice Australia as well as other countries. When the device is powered through the pressing of a button, the battery heats up the liquid which then transforms into aerosol and is inhaled and later exhaled. The vapor that is produced when we exhale is thicker than traditional smoke, smells better and quickly vanishes into the air. 

There is much speculation about the ingredients of e-liquids. Some people believe that it is just water vapor while others believe companies are tricking them into consuming dangerous substances. The answer to all these queries is as simple as looking at the label which lists all of the ingredients used to make it. Vape juices in Australia contain the following things: 

  • Vegetable glycerine. It is a product that is processed from oil but is in the form of alcohol. They are responsible for producing the thick vapor and also give a sweet taste. 
  • Propylene glycol. It is also an alcohol and gives more throat hit while vaping. 
  • Flavourings. The liquid doesn’t have any taste on its own and food-grade additives are added to give a variety of delicious flavours to choose from.  One of the main reasons why vaping is so popular is because of the unique taste it provides. 
  • Nicotine. Most liquids contain nicotine but there are vape juices in Australia and other countries that are produced without it. This is the main ingredient which makes it an effective alternative to smoking. The cravings that you suffer when you leave smoking can be satisfied with vaping. It is not a harmful drug if taken in limited quantity.  

The main difference between electronic cigarettes used for vaping and traditional cigarettes is the use of tobacco. But it is isn’t just the tobacco in regular cigarettes that is harmful, it contains many other dangerous chemicals, when combined may be cancer causing. These cause long lasting inflammation that leads to diseases such as bronchitis and heart disease. Smoking leads to addiction as the nicotine released gets absorbed by the blood stream and leads to increased heart rate and alertness. Thus, when you deprive the body, it makes you crave the nicotine. The smoke has some what burned particles and can lead to the production of tar in the body which causes the teeth to blacken and destroys taste buds. Vaping becomes an alternative in this respect as the components when heated do not lead to the burning of other particles and so do not lead to the production of tar. The glass or metal chamber is a component of all devices used for vaping, this chamber has an electric current running through it. It helps create controlled temperatures and less smoke is produced and more vapor. Vaping is also considered helpful to people who want to quit smoking as the nicotine in the e-liquids can help satisfy their body of the cravings of nicotine. 

There are many advantages of vaping. The potent odour of smoke which clings to clothes and you breathe can be eliminated. These chemicals produced from smoking are not only bad for you but for others around you as well. Passive smokers are also in danger of health deterioration. The smoker’s internal health is not only affected but, on the exterior, smoking leads to skin aging and staining of fingers as well as greying of the lips. Switching to electronic cigarettes also saves a lot of money. Vaping is more cost effective in the long run as cigarette packs don’t have to be bought daily. There is no real burning involved, no lighters or ash trays which means no actual risk of fire. People are also more accepting of e-cigarettes as they smoke produced is more pleasant and quickly dissipates into the air.  

So, help yourself and others around you by considering vaping as an alternative to smoking. People are more socially accepting of this activity and it is safer for you and others around while also being easy on your pocket.