The Hippest Surgery In Town! 

  • Katie Wolfe
  • July 24, 2018
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One of the most common problems faced with increasing age is that of muscle and bone pains, which leads to decreased or greatly impaired mobility. This impaired mobility is perhaps one of the biggest challenges any human being can face, as it leads us to be hampered while performing our daily tasks, and in severe cases, we may even need help from our friends and family. This sort of helplessness, as we all know, causes great distress, as we find ourselves unable to carry out tasks which were previously just the norm. One of the biggest areas of concern in terms of decreasing mobility can be the hip, the joints of which are prone to weakening either over time or with various medical conditions such as arthritis or bone deformities. An advanced pain relieving surgery – hip replacement surgery – can be the solution to these problems, and can restore vigor to your body once more.  The surgery can be performed on individuals of all ages, thus making it the go-to option when all other hip preservation methods have failed.  

Hip surgery comes in many forms, to treat various underlying disorders. The form of treatment picked by your hip replacement specialist depends on your unique condition and disorder. The most common of these forms are either the anterior or posterior approaches. While the anterior approach involves a smaller, more cosmetic cut made towards the groin, the posterior approach requires a bigger cut towards the buttock. The very mention of surgery is possible to send chills down our spine, regardless of age. Everyone’s heard the horror stories of surgeries gone wrong so it’s only natural for someone who is already stressed by an illness to feel even more scared when their doctor recommends surgery. However, hip replacement surgery, when performed by an accomplished hip replacement specialist Melbourne, can be completely non-problematic.  

Dr. Slattery is a renowned Melbourne based orthopedic doctor and a certified hip replacement specialist. The ‘surgery gone wrong’ horror stories that we hear almost always involve an under qualified doctor. However, should you pick a renowned and highly qualified surgeon, such as Dr. Slattery, your surgery can be a walk through the park. One of Dr. Slattery’s specialisations is anterior minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, and alongside this, he is a member of various associations such as the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and is a member of the Orthopedic Trauma Association. With these qualifications, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.  

Should you choose to opt for the minimally invasive hip replacement surgery that Dr. Slattery specializes in, you will find a wide range of positives. Minimally invasive surgery not only preserves the natural form of the muscles and tissues as it seeks to avoid splitting them but also results in lesser blood loss owing to use of a smaller incision as compared to larger (and scarier) bigger cuts. Minimally invasive surgery thus also results in lesser recovery time and a much smaller scar post operation. Hip replacements offered by Dr. Slattery are designed to cater to your individual needs. So, you can rest assured that while other doctors may paint all patients the same color, in choosing Dr. Slattery, your individual needs will be catered to. The procedure can be availed by all individuals, even teenagers who find their mobility impaired due to medical reasons. To further discard any misgivings or fears you may have about undergoing surgery, know that Dr. Slattery places a local anaesthetic catheter in the wound, leaving patients surprised as to how little pain they feel post-op. 

Most of remember feeling helpless after having broken or fractured limbs, as we struggle to move around and perform tasks which were previously the norm. While broken bones and fractures surely heal with time, certain conditions may not. These conditions almost certainly require surgery. With Dr. Slattery’s immense experience and expertise, you can put all your surgery related fears to the side and relax, knowing that your surgeon is most capable. Dr. Slattery vows to not only relive the immense pain that comes with disorders calling for hip replacement surgery but also to have you free and mobile once again.