Quick Guide To Spotting Real Modern Day Men

  • Katie Wolfe
  • April 4, 2018
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There is an old saying which proposes that manners make the man, which is very wise and in many ways very true. But there are also lots of very polite people who like to think they are the complete deal when in fact, all they are is polite. Manners aside, it’s hard to know what exactly makes a man, we can’t all be super wealthy crime fighting super heroes like Brue Wayne and Tony Starke that’s for sure. But there are certainly some guys who would be considered more manly than others. But how exactly do we judge them? Here’s a list of criteria that employed correctly could help you tell if your man is a James Bond or not. 


He can inhale properly 

A real man should know his way around not just cigarettes but around all forms of smoking delights. That’s not to say that he should be a regular smoker, quite the opposite in fact. But he should be able to smoke a cigar without coughing, pack a pipe or make a plan negotiating the latest portable vaporizer Australia Resinate Vapes has to offer.     


Head wear is essential 

A real modern James Bond should have a selection of headwear in his armoury. And we don’t just mean a selection of caps and a crash-helmet, we are talking about proper hats. When appropriate he should be able to whip out a trilby or a flat-cap or a bowler or even a top hat. There are times and places when these are entirely appropriate and you should hope that your man has at least something more than a Yankee’s cap to wear should the occasion to wear a hat arise. 



A real man should not only be able to read – they can all do that – he should actually have read something and be able to talk about it. He doesn’t need to be boring and give a book report but it really is impressive if, should the occasion arise, a man can talk a little bit about something that he’s read. And it doesn’t even need to be anything fancy. He doesn’t have to quote Goethe or recite Shakespeare, being able to talk about the latest Dan Brown novel could suffice. It just shows that he can do more than operate the remote control. 


Alternatives to beer 

Let’s be honest, beer is a great drink and most guys enjoy a pint or two. But, as is the case with hats, your man should not be a one trick pony in the alcohol department. Aside from being able to order and drink a beer he should be able to negotiate his way around a few other beverages as well. It could be holding his own with Whiskey or knowing his away around the world of Craft Gin. Wine is also a winner. Just make sure that he can do more than order a beer should the need arise and you are well on your way to identifying a real modern day James Bond.