Points To Consider Before Getting A Family Lawyer

  • Katie Wolfe
  • December 11, 2018
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Responsibilities of family Lawyers 

The responsibilities and services offered by a family attorney are clear from its name. This lawyer deals with all the legal issues related to family matters. However, there are a number of family matters that this lawyer deals in. These matters include the case of child custody, divorce and guardianship etc. Despite this, there is a general confusion related to the complete responsibilities of this lawyer, for example most people expect the family lawyer to handle inheritance, which does fall under the responsibilities of family attorney. Following are the key responsibilities of a family attorney. It is highly recommended that you’re aware of these responsibilities so that you can rely on your family attorney for the right matters.  

  1. The family lawyer Sydney can help resolve legal issues between the family members.  
  2. A family attorney may resolve issues through mediations. Also, the lawyer can advise you to take the right step to deal the matter.  
  3. A family lawyer completely handles a divorce case.  
  4. A family attorney provides you the right guidance related family issues. A family attorney is well-aware of all laws related to family so you can rely on them for your family matter.  
  5. A family attorney takes care of legal issues related to adoption.  
  6. Lastly and most importantly, a family attorney handles the custody of your child after divorce.  

The importance of Family Lawyers 

The selection of the right lawyer is an important task overall, but when you’re considering family law, you need to be extra careful. This is because this is the most sensitive issue for which you can get a lawyer and you will be discussing many sensitive topics with your lawyer. It is important that you pick a lawyer who genuinely takes interest in your matter and you’re comfortable around them. In other matters such as a real-estate lawyer, you can get a popular lawyer and be sure of the right choice, but when it’s about family attorney, you not only need someone successful at the job, but also someone compassionate.  

The second trait that is extremely important when selecting the family attorney is, the ability to be trusted. It is important that you can trust your attorney because in family matters, there is a high chance that you might get emotional during the hearing or at any other sensitive moment and this works in the favor of the opposing party. Therefore, if you have someone you can trust, you can rely on them for your matter without taking matters into your own hands. This will also save you from taking any irrational decision at any point. You will be able to trust your attorney with the matter completely.    

Things you should consider before finalizing your family lawyer 

Before you go on and get the first lawyer you meet, there are some aspects that you should carefully consider. These points will make sure you have chosen the right lawyer for your case and this will save you from any frustration later on. 

 Identify your needs 

Before you have your first consultation session, make sure you are clear about your needs. you should be very clear about your conditions and any other limitations. This will help you discuss the case with your lawyer without any misunderstandings. Whether it’s child support or the custody of your child, make sure you have a thorough discussion with your attorney.  

Identify your budget 

This is also an important discussion that you need to have with your attorney right in the beginning. The charges for lawyers greatly vary so it is better that you discuss your budget with your attorney right at the beginning.  


Although this is the least important aspect in the three aspects mentioned above, this does hold importance. It will be beneficial if your attorney is available in the city so that it is easy to communicate whenever needed. Having a lawyer with an office in your city will greatly ease the communication.   

Questions you must ask before finalizing your family lawyer 

When you’re having your free consultation session, you should utilize that to completely know your lawyer. Following questions will help you know your attorney better.  

  1. Ask about their education 
  2. Ask about similar cases they’ve dealt with in the past.  
  3. Ask about charges 
  4. Ask about your options after thorough discussion of your case.  
  5. Ask about their approach.