Parenting without any guilt.

  • Katie Wolfe
  • September 25, 2019
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When we think of having a baby, what comes to mind most often is a golden image. Most mothers imagine this to be one of the best periods of time that they will ever have in their lives. Having a baby isn’t just something that we look forward to because it is a way of expanding our family, but also because little girls are taught from the very start that having a pregnancy and raising a child are things that are the highpoints of any females life, and without having undergone this period, we have missed out on something very significant. Of course, for many women pregnancy is indeed the best period of their lives. It can be an extremely special and humbling experience to undergo pregnancy. The changes that the body goes through can be immense, and it every moment, from the first heartbeat, to the first kick and finally to birth can be extremely special. The fact that our body can grow and carry another life inside it for so many months is an astounding fact in itself. The experience of pregnancy is in any case extremely beautiful and life changing, but like any other experience, it has its downs as well.  

The problem with having a baby and raising a baby is the fact that most people have tried to make it out to be overall an extremely positive experience, with no downs at all. Obviously, that isn’t really the case. It is an experience that has its ups and downs like any other experience would, and for some people – a surprisingly large amount of people, in fact – it can even be a negative experience. Most women who are pregnant have weeks that are good and weeks that are bad, so it isn’t as smooth sailing and rosy as the traditional view of pregnancy makes it out to be. From bloating to soreness, nausea, aches and pains, extreme mood swings and just not being able to live life as we did before, pregnancy can be an extremely difficult period at times too. This is made much worse by the fact that giving birth itself is easily one of the most physically painful experiences that the human body undergoes.  

Of course, when we have our little bundle of joy in our arms for the first time, the pain can seem like it was worth it. Nevertheless, giving birth doesn’t mean that the easy bit has begun. In fact, it can be an even harder time for some. The new baby can come with a lot of demands, and this can mean more sleepless nights and pain. For new mothers, one of the biggest problems can be breast feeding. Much like pregnancy, breastfeeding is made out to be a magical experience when it really isn’t, for a lot of people. When it comes to feeding the baby, the normal advice is ‘Breast is best’, and so many women who can’t breastfeed due to illness, weakness or pain are overcome with immense feelings of guilt. In fact, feeling emotional for not breastfeeding can be so bad that women can start seeing themselves as bad mothers because of the stigma associated with baby formula.  

Feeding baby formula is something that has been vilified quite unnecessarily, because at times the benefits are immense. Contrary to popular belief, baby formula is actually almost as nutritious as breast milk, and the baby will suffer no consequences should we choose to bottle feed. In addition to this, it can allow mothers to properly bond with the baby rather than spending hours pumping, or going through immense pain. If, due to any reason you find yourself unable to breastfeed, all you need to do is check baby formula reviews online and pick out the formula that you think is best.  

At Infant Formula Australia, you can find a comprehensive analysis of all breast milk substitutes, so that you can pick out the one that is the best for your child and your budget. Becoming a new mother isn’t the rosy task that everyone makes it out to be, and Infant Formula Australia recognizes that and lets you make the best possible choice for your child, without sacrificing your own wellbeing.