Making your brand stand apart from the crowd.

  • Katie Wolfe
  • March 28, 2019
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We all know very well that some brands – the ones we remember the best – come with a certain vibe that is impossible to forget. Whether it is the smell of freshly baked bread and rustic décor that we associate with some popular restaurant, or the cool vibe that we associate with some popular clothing brand, it can all be unforgettable. Just a look at the products or even the logo or the stationary can remind us of the brand. What’s more is that once we have come to identify with and recognize a brand so well, we are unlikely to want to be associated with any other brand. It can be just like how we always want to be around people we think are cool. Once we really come to identify with a brand, we can feel that anything else simply isn’t good enough. This brand image is what makes small, local brands into international powerhouses, and if we are looking to start a company of our own this is exactly the effect that we want to create. We want to create a personality so powerful that it makes all others look insignificant next to us. To really make sure that we create waves in the corporate world, we need to make sure that we have the personality for it.  

The first step towards making a place in the corporate world for ourselves is creating a public image. Much like how we put our best face forward as we step outside, we need to make sure that our company puts its best face forward too. This can be done by creating a memorable and unique logo, website, stationary, motto and so much more. Everything that we create needs to be relevant to the company of course. We can choose a classic and timeless approach, or we could choose to really step out of the box and make something quirky, fresh and new. With customized websites, office atmosphere, stationary and so much more, we can create a whole personality for our brand and of course, the more we personalize our company, the more memorable it gets.  

Now of course, once we are done creating a public persona for our company, we can be all set for the launch. When we launch our company, we really need to give it our all as the more people we reach, the bigger our clientele can be. Advertising plays a huge role in how our brand grows over the years. When customers step out to shop, they will consider all the options that they have before they make an investment. However, the choices that they are most likely to pick are the brands that seem familiar. Familiarity is also a huge part of brand identity design Melbourne, as we are much more likely to trust the brands that we already know of and have heard of. It can make people feel that we really are likely to deliver top quality products.  

One of the more obscure yet extremely beneficial benefits that come with having a strong brand identity design Melbourne is that we end up attracting only the kind of customer that we really want. If we want to sell low budget items then a carefully crafted brand identity can mean that we only advertise ourselves to those who would be interested in low cost items of a good quality, compared to those wanting to buy premium products. Similarly, once we have a brand identity established, we can safely advertise ourselves to our target customer. Be it men, women, children or adults or people from a certain ethnic or socio-economic background, a strong brand identity can mean that we only end up advertising to the people who are most likely to make a purchase.  

Creating such an impressive and outstanding brand identity is a task that is very hard to manage and is best left to professionals. If you really want your company to stand out amongst the dozens upon dozens of brands out there, call up Scope Creative and let them create for you a brand identity that every customer will remember no matter what.