Learn How To Extend The Life Of Your Roller Shutter Doors

  • Katie Wolfe
  • January 8, 2019
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Some tips for maintenance of roller shutter 

The usage of roller shutters is increasing day by day and not just in commercial applications. Gone are the days when people used to use the roller shutters only for big warehouses and factories. Today, these shutters are used in a range of buildings, especially garages of residential buildings. This is because of the long list of benefits these shutters offer. Due to these benefits, they are chosen for garages, shops, windows and of course, warehouses. They provide the optimum security and convenience that is required for a cover. They are also low-maintenance. However, they do need some maintenance actions after regular intervals. Moreover, there are some common tips that you can follow to make these shutters last longer without any need for repairing. Although you can easily find experts that can offer you roller shutter repairs Illawarra, still it’s highly recommended that you follow some simple tips to extend the expected life of your shutters.  

Keeping the shutters clean  

This is the most important step on the road to extending the life time of your roller shutters. Often the major cause of jammed shutters is the dust and dirt that has buildup on the side tracks due to lack of cleaning activity. The dirt settles on the sides with time and eventually results in blockage of the shutter. This can be easily avoided by washing away the dirt after at least every 4 months. You can use water hose to remove any dust or dirt from the shutters and the side tracks. 

Avoiding sticky lubricants  

In order for a smooth flow of the shutter, do not use sticky lubricants. You might get the desired results, but at the cost of shutter’s life. The sticky lubricant will attract all the dust from the environment and you will soon experience blockage of your shutter. With dust being stuck in the tracks, it will also be difficult to clean this stuck dirt. Therefore, if you want a smooth flow of the shutter, use the lubricants that are made for this application. They fulfil the purpose without attracting the dust.  

Spirit polishing  

This is an additional precautionary measure that you can take to avoid buildup of dust. Polish the components of the shutter with spirit. this removes the dust from the surface of the components and thus, it prevents building up of dust on the components. It will also give a fresh shiny look to the shutter.  

Keep the batteries charged 

If you own an automatic roller shutter, this would require power from a battery that you need to keep charged. Make sure your battery is at least 20% charged at all times. Moreover, some shutters feature a remote that is used to operate the shutters wirelessly. If own such shutter, go through the manual carefully and pay close attention to the part regarding battery life. The manual usually mentions the maximum time after which you should replace the batteries. Make sure you note that time and change the batteries accordingly.  

Don’t keep them unused 

If you use roller shutter for a storage house or any other building that you don’t use that often, you might be keeping the shutters closed for a long period of time. This can make the shutters stuck in the tracks. This is also because of the piling up of dust and dirt in the side tracks. This can be avoided if you operate the shutters once in a while. Keeping the shutters closed for a long time will result in jammed shutters. To avoid that situation, operate the shutters once in a while so the tracks don’t get jammed by the dust.  

Don’t postpone repairs 

If your roller shutter is damaged from some part, do not postpone the repair. Postponing roller shutter repair can not only increase the damage, but also risk your goods stored inside. The damage also puts the security at risk. Other than that, there are many other risks attached to postponing repair of the damaged part so it is highly recommended that you attend to the repairs immediately.  

Final word 

If the above mentioned tips are followed, the roller shutter doors can last a long time. Neglecting these common tips can result in compromise on security or other benefits that these doors offer. The roller shutter doors offer a range of benefits, but their maintenance can be heavy on the pocket if the precautionary steps are not taken.