How To Wear Shirts For Men

  • Katie Wolfe
  • October 10, 2017
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Fashion in the modern world can make or break relationships you have with many different people in your life. Fashion if done right can also help to boost your self-confidence and make you feel overall better about your life and yourself. It can also help to make others get an idea of how you are as a person and is of key importance if you are looking for a potential romantic partner as being up to date with current fashion trends and just generally looking good and looking after yourself is very attractive and important for a modern person in a modern world. 

Styles of shirts for men 

Formal mens shirts online come in many different styles that you can wear are they are all suited for different occasions from casual to formal. The t-shirt is one of the most versatile items of fashion for those of you going for a more casual look and they themselves can come in many different styles from crewneck to V-necks. The standard button up shirt is amazing for both casual and formal wear and comes in long and short sleeve variation which can be found at Style Shirts. There are so many occasions were shirts can be worn and they are before one of the best additions to your wardrobe and to help you look as sexy as ever 

The different configurations of shirts 

All shirts come in many different fabrics, colours and patterns that as well as the style of shirt you decide to wear decide in which context the shirt will be best suited for you to wear. Long sleeve shirts are more suited in general then a short sleeve shirt for formal occasions but even long sleeve shirts can be worn casually in many different situations. Generally, shirts, both long sleeve and short sleeve if they have patterns should generally only be worn in casual situations but short sleeve shirts should never be worn in formal situations 

Situations for wearing different shirts 

Long sleeve t shirts are amazing for all casual situations and can sometimes be worn in semi-formal events such as going to an upmarket art gallery. If you are considering any shirt that you are not sure would fit the situation you will be in just ask someone you know and they are bound to give you an answer. There are however some basic guidelines. Generally lighter colour shorts are worn in more casual situations such as a light blue and darker colours such as black or charcoal are worn in formal situations, with the exclusion of white which is the most common shirt colour for formal situations. Whether you are about to have an important business meeting that may determine the future of your business or maybe even just taking the person you are interested in out for a date wearing a button up shirt can help to make you look as best as you possibly can. Ig you are going for a more chilled beachy vibe then definitely try on a normal t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt or maybe even a short sleeve button up shirt to compliment the rest of the outfit for your day at the beach.