Forget The Steak, You Can Get Protein In So Many Ways

  • Katie Wolfe
  • September 27, 2017
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Our parents insisted on eating meat and drinking milk for protein. It was their way to care for the young and to make sure they’re getting what they need in order to grow and thrive. They certainly did their best. However, food is so diverse and comes in countless forms these days, to suit any taste or preference. Some of us simply don’t fancy steaks or any other meaty dish. Others are looking to build muscle, but they’re already indulging in big stakes too often. Read below about our recommended solutions:

Mix protein into your smoothies

Almost everyone knows nowadays that protein comes in large plastic containers in powder form. This can be mixed into various beverages, such as cow’s milk, water, vegan milk (almond, rice, soy milk etc.), fruit juice and smoothies of all kinds. Drinking your protein is a very easy, fun and delicious way to add more to your diet. Besides this important macronutrient, you’re also getting minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and so on.

Hard and tasty protein snacks

Supermarkets and especially health stores have plenty of tasty a nutritious snack options, surprisingly with a high amount of protein. Think of the dry, spicy and crunchy beef jerky you can find in supermarkets. Or, go for the sweet dessert replacements, ready to satisfy your sugar craving. You will find cookies, biscuits, candy etc. made with whole grain flour, with natural sweeteners and flavours, coconut flakes, dry fruit pieces, raisins, crushed nuts and many more interesting and beneficial ingredients. The big favourites are usually healthy protein balls loaded with cocoa and plenty of healthy fats. These will give you much more energy than the common type of snack and score well in the nutrition department.

Crunchy nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds represent a very special food category thanks to their tri-fold benefit: they provide a concentrated dose of minerals, plus healthy fats and, of course protein. Although tasty enough on their own, these can easily be added to a great number of dishes, from salads to pastries and cakes. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet, sour, salty or spicy – countless meals can receive a few seeds and nuts, preferably minced or crushed.

Dairy in its many forms

It is a bit strange this needs to be mentioned, but it is even stranger that many people don’t automatically think of dairy when protein is mentioned. Yet, milk-derived products have a non-negligible content of protein. Explore the market and experiment with the many types of cheese available. Spread these onto salads and melt them over mouth-watering pasta, vegetable or meat dishes. There are so many ways to enjoy cheese. Don’t forget about yogurt (the Greek variety especially), kefir and so on.

Beans and lentils

Beans, depending on the variety, can have up to 40 g of easily available protein per cup. Lentils have about the same amount. The best way to have these is to boil them, then incorporate to a suitable meal. Once boiled, you may also choose to turn them into a paste – foe example chickpeas can be made into delicious hummus.

Don’t feel limited to the same steak over and over again when you need protein. Get the nutrient from a whole variety of foods and dishes, as advised from Stoneage Health; cycle through these and you’ll never get bored at meal time.