Finding A Perfect Office Space On Rent For Starters

  • Katie Wolfe
  • July 23, 2019
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  • Property Management

Every day a number of startups are being initiated in Australia, many could not stand the test of times while a few others take on the challenge of survival right on. Most of these new businesses generally start off from a small space but after a while, all these entrepreneurs need a proper office to make things work faster and in an appropriate manner. But here’s the thing, startups generally run on thin budgets therefore, they need to make decisions very minutely and with thorough consideration. One cannot put money in a startup than to a working space just like that, therefore, it is important that you look out for those space options which would be appropriate for you. Considering this phenomenon at hand, many people have started presenting shared office spaces to people with such needs and requirements; this has turned out to be a great option for many entrepreneurs as these places are full of features that you want to have in a proper office space. You could have your own rooms, office supplies, internet, office boy, break areas, and other services, that too, on a shared basis making you cut costs to a good extent. 

One such place is Ideal Space in Australia which has been providing many top-notch facilities to businesses who want to work by tapping on to the idea of shared spaces. It has been providing space options to entrepreneurs at multiple locations while ensuring to make them feel at home or in their own space already, right from the first day. As this could be one good option for startups but you can also not rule out the fact of owning one’s own space to make an office. No matter which option you choose, it is important that you make the right decision by considering various future-oriented factors. Because it is easier to make an incorrect assessment on things and make an investment especially when you are new to the business. Considering this, below are given a few tips to help you make the right assessment of the office space that you need to satisfy your needs at hand, such as: 

Required Space 

You should follow a simple rule of thumb to come up with an answer that of how much space you would be needing and what would be the office rental in Sydney accordingly. You should bear in mind 1000 sq. feet per 4-6 employees, rest you can squeeze in as per your needs with time. This will give you a good idea on the area you would be having in an office. 

Centralized Location 

It is important that you pick out a location for office on rent in Australia which is centrally approachable by all your employees in order to make life easier for those working for you as well as to eliminate the risk of absentees. The central location is key to any office space and must be greatly considered during the decision making process. 


If you have just hit the breakeven or have barely started making revenues then your landlords might not be interested in lending you their space. In such situations, you can opt for subleasing which could last for a year at max but generally goes on for months or week to week, to some extent. But it is a good way of having your own office space instead of putting yourself in hot water to serve the purpose at hand.  

Get An Agent 

You can get an agent aboard as well to find you an office space on rent Australia but while being at it, it is imperative that you choose that agent who has to get the job done successfully for someone you know. Don’t take a leap of faith in this aspect rather be very cautious.  

Find A Coworking Space 

An ideal option for people who are tight on budget, you can be on office rental for some shared office space and get your work done. This will give you an opportunity to be around with other like-minded people. Also, you can always move to a bigger place or space of your own whenever your financial streams get stable. A win-win for startups anyway.