Clean Up The Right Way

We all dream of making it big, becoming famous and earning the big bucks. Quite how we hope to do it may differ from person to person. It could be as an actor or a singer or you could want to make it to the top s a model or in business. However we want to get there what we do know, is that it hardly ever happens overnight. Behind every overnight success is a weary person with a long story about how they got to the top and of how hard they worked before things actually took off. And before that take off there is a lot of not so glamorous work that needs to be done to pay the bills. Here’s a quick look at a few people who had unexpected jobs before their headline grabbing antics began. 

Not quite Nirvana 
Legendary grunge man Kurt Cobain wasn’t always a famous singer. For a while, before things happened for him with Smells Like Teen Spirit, Cobain worked a janitor, cleaning toilets and mopping floors. Far from the glamour that eventually became his life. It’s a story to take inspiration from. If you are currently part of a team of commercial cleaners Melbourne or Sydney-side, hoping for a life more extraordinary, it could yet happen. Hold onto the dream.  

Not yet dead and buried 
He went on to become one of the most famous rock stars in the world with over 100 million albums sold as a solo singer and with The Faces and The Jeff Beck Group, but before gravel voiced Rod Stewart topped the charts with songs like Baby Jane and Do You Think I’m Sexy he paid his way by digging graves. Certainly not a glamorous start to his working life for the man who aspired to be a singer or a professional footballer, but needs must and as it turned out, he was as handy with a shovel as he was with his voice. 

Can I help you Sir? 
Before he became one of the most recognizable faces on the planet as Mr Kim Kardashian and the father of North, Kanye West struggled along working as a rapper. Well we know that, and while it’s much less glamorous than being a trophy husband it’s not actually where Kanye started. Before he hit the big time as a rapper with Gold Digger, he worked at Gap as a shop assistant, working the till and helping people try on pants.  

Show me the money 
Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Romano are both instantly recognizable as two of the funniest people alive. Hugely successful with fan-bases globally and more awards than they know what to do with, both of these stars began their working careers as tellers in banks, spending their days counting other people’s money and smiling inanely through plate glass windows. Both held onto the dream of something bigger, used the cash they earned from their day job to live, while they worked the stand-up comedy circuit by night, slowly but surely growing their reputations and personal brands, until, seemingly overnight, it happened.