5 Tips For Hiring The Best Staff

  • Katie Wolfe
  • July 20, 2017
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Hiring the best staff for your business can be tricky, especially if current unemployment rates are very low and not many people are looking for jobs. While people looking for jobs want to get into a position which they like and that pays them well, employers are also looking for the best people to hire. Hiring good staff can be extremely difficult, and using time and energy to train the wrong people can end up costing you and your business lots of money. Here are five top tips to help you hire the best staff.

Advertise as much as possible

The first step is making sure that as many people as possible hear about the job you are recruiting for. If you only advertise within the business, you won’t reach out to people looking for jobs on the outside. Likewise, advertising on your website might bring in a few applications, but unless people are coming to the careers section of your website looking for jobs, they won’t see the roles you’ve advertised.

Be specific in the job advertisement

If you want somebody who has two years of administration experience in recruitment CRM software Australia, make sure that you state this. This will prevent people without the right amount of experience applying to the job, so you’ll have less applications to sort through and less people who aren’t going to be the right fit. This applies to other things such as having a driving license or a current criminal background check.

Use recruitment software

You can use CRM recruitment software to help you in hiring the right people. There are many recruitment agencies and software products that you can use to find the best people for your business. Often, people will upload their resumes and you can contact cloud recruitment software the people you believe will be best for you.

Read through applications thoroughly

You might invite somebody for an interview before you’ve properly read through their application. Realising that an applicant doesn’t have the necessary experience or qualifications at the interview means that you’ve wasted your time and theirs and also created an embarrassing situation for yourself. Check and double check applications and resumes before phoning the candidate and inviting them for an interview.

Look for personality at the interview

When you’ve compiled your shortlist of candidates and you’re ready to interview them, make sure you look for personality rather than just how much experience they have or how many qualifications they have achieved. You can see from their application everything they have achieved and experienced, so this is the chance to discover whether or not the person is the type of staff member you want to hire for your business. Rather than asking further questions about their education and past experience, ask questions which will allow you to get to know the type of person they are. Not only is this a better way to interview, but it will be comfortable and relaxed and will enable you to see their personality better.